Evensong Sunday 2nd April St Paul's Cathedral London (200 KB)

02 April 2017

In a Lent Series based on the United Nations World Water Day the bishop reflects on water as the source and symbol of life.

York Minster Fund 50th Anniversary (204 KB)

29 March 2017

The bishop reflects on the significance of Jesus being 'consumed with zeal for the House of God' and its relevance to the future of York Minster.

30th Anniversary of the Herald of Free Enterprise Disaster in 1989 (198 KB)

06 March 2017

At St Mary's Parish Church in Dover the bishop reflects on the grief of the families and survivors showing that grieving is a journey without destination through a landscape of memories and thoughts of their loved ones.

Freedom of the City of Liverpool (206 KB)

19 January 2017

The bishop's acceptance speech when he was made Freeman of the City of Liverpool.

Thought for the Day (183 KB)

16 January 2017

The bishop reflects on spying and secrecy

Thought for the Day (186 KB)

09 January 2017

The bishop reflects on the parallels between the Reformation and the present upheaval in Europe.

Thought for the Day (187 KB)

02 January 2017

The bishop reflects on Hull becoming the UK's City of Culture 2017

The Chavasse Lecture (241 KB)

30 November 2016

At St Peter's College Oxford the bishop reflects on the life, faith and courage of Captain Noel Chavasse a young officer in the Royal Army Medical Corps who was the only soldier to gain the Victoria Cross and Bar in the 1st World War. He was killed in action in 1917.

The Tenth Anniversary Ebor Lecture (184 KB)

23 November 2016

A Journey around Justice. The bishop reflects on the meaning of justice through his ministry in Hull and Liverpool covering urban regeneration, the church's attitude to women and gay relationships, racial justice, disability rights and environmental justice.

Thought for the Day for Armistice Day (131 KB)

11 November 2016

The Sound of Silence

The Harry Street Lecture in the Law School of Manchester University (329 KB)

10 November 2016

The bishop examines the Church/State relationship through the role of a bishop as both a civic and religious leader

Hillsborough and the Church of England (188 KB)

27 August 2016

The bishop describes his role as Chair of the Hillsborough Independent Panel

Thought for the Day (130 KB)

01 August 2016

Celebration of Yorkshire Day

Thought for the Day (122 KB)

25 July 2016

The Beauty of Freedom

The Kohima Memorial Service York Minster (130 KB)

07 July 2016

The bishop explores the continuing clash between cruelty and decency

The Faraday Institute Cambridge (168 KB)

05 July 2016

The bishop explores some of the theological and biblical imperatives of caring for creation at an international symposium of religion and science

BBC Radio 4 Ascension Day Sermon at St Martin in the Fields (138 KB)

05 May 2016

The bishop explores the significance of the Ascension

Thought for the Day (127 KB)

18 April 2016

A reflection on Pope Francis visit to Lesbos and his 'political' gesture

27th Hillsborough Memorial Service at Anfield (137 KB)

15 April 2016

Bishop James Jones gives the Address at the final Hillsborough Memorial Service. The bishop chaired the Hillsborough Independent Panel which reported in 2012 when he was Bishop of Liverpool.

Thought for the Day (122 KB)

11 April 2016

A reflection on Fatherhood

The Woodland Charter (120 KB)

05 January 2016

Endorsement by the Bishop who chaired the Independent Panel on Forestry

Thought for the Day (125 KB)

04 January 2016

Don't ever be blind to what is happening on the ground

Thought for the Day (120 KB)

21 December 2015

Freedom of Speech a God-given Right

Emmanuel College Cambridge Commemoration Service (133 KB)

18 November 2015

A gift unveils the secrets of our heart

Thought for the Day (127 KB)

09 November 2015

Reflection on November as the season of dying

Thought for the Day (128 KB)

09 November 2015

The Season of Autumn

The High Sheriff's Legal Service in Bristol Cathedral (137 KB)

18 October 2015

The bishop explores the relationship between Law and Nature

ASWA Newcastle Cathedral 4th October 2015 (136 KB)

04 October 2015

Animals and humans - our worth through our common creatureliness

The Ryedale Arts Festival Sermon (126 KB)

02 August 2015

The Imagination and a Compassionate Society

UK Environmental Lawyers Association Gala Dinner (120 KB)

04 July 2015

The bishop reflects on the Conference theme of Water

The Child of Adam and the Future of Earth (152 KB)

11 June 2015

Letter between a Christian bishop and a Muslim scholar

Homily for the Dowager Lady Middleton (131 KB)

01 May 2015

The bishop preached at the funeral of Lady Middleton

Christmas Feature in the Church Times (142 KB)

25 December 2014

A Sign for the Times

Sermon at Trinity College, Cambridge:The Crown (151 KB)

23 November 2014

The Coronation expresses the Values of the Nation

European Churches Environmental Network (152 KB)

09 September 2014

Call to Churches and all Faiths to care for the Earth